Micro Charge

  • A broad array of micronutrients
  • Humic Acid
  • Iron & Sulfur

Micro Charge Is a full package of essential chelated micro nutrients and bio organic stimulants that will aid the turf roots to pick up and utilize existing minerals in soil.  The use of Micro Charge on a regular basis will help encourage microbial life in soils and restore balance to soils that may have problem areas. Whether caused by irregular ph, high salt spots, or high or low mineral readings.  Micro Charge will help create a carbon rich environment in the soil that will benefit and encourage the growth of beneficial microbes needed to utilize fertilizers.

Positive Points

*Supplies essential chelated nutrients.

*Contains natural organic acids and enzymes.

*Contains carbon source vital for biological organism growth.

*Is a premium quality nitrogen source with the essential secondary nutrients of iron, manganese, magnesium and zinc.

*All compounds are combined with stabilized sugars to help increased nutrient uptake.

*Supplies the magnesium element which is constituent of chlorophyll and is required during photosynthesis.

*Promotes healthier turf while providing immediate color response with limited top growth and increased disease resistance.

*Formulated to be foliar applied and absorbed.