N & Adjust 9-0-0

  • Quick greening formulation
  • Phosphorus free
  • Chelated Calcium and Magnesium
  • Premium quality

N & Adjust 9-0-0 is a perfectly balanced 2:1 Ca:Mg Ratio.  This ratio is perfect to avoid a possible magnesium deficiency in plants.  N & Adjust 9-0-0 chelates it’s calcium and magnesium with natural sugars to provide an energized carbohydrate source, when up taking the calcium and magnesium elements.  N & Adjust 9-0-0 is complimented with nitrate and urea nitrogen and very little ammonia nitrogen.  Ammonium nitrogen is known to reduce calcium and magnesium uptake.  The uptake of calcium and magnesium is also increased in the presence of the urea.

Positive Points

*Supplies calcium which helps strengthen the cell walls after plant cell division.

*Corrects magnesium and calcium deficiencies

*Supplies nitrogen

*Supplies simple carbohydrates that can be readily broken down in cell walls and used as an energy source.

*Supplies the magnesium element which is constituent of chlorophyll and is required during photosynthesis.