N & Amend 4-0-1

* is a bio-stimulated, hot mixed, homogenized nutritional Kelp Fertilizer(10.00% North Atlantic Sea Kelp).

  • Supplies nitrogen
  • Supplies secondary and micronutrients
  • Made with Kelp extract

N & Amend 4-0-1 is a high quality nitrogen and micro nutrient package fused with organic compounds for increased nutrient absorption.   Supplies turf with chelated Iron for greening.   Also contains chelated manganese which allows turf to hold that green color longer.  To this package we added chelated magnesium which is needed during the chlorophyll process.

The organic compounds we added are made from humic, fulvic, simple carbohydrates, seaweed and amino acids combined with chelated zinc to activate plant enzymes.

Positive Points

*Is a premium quality nitrogen source with the essential secondary nutrients of Iron, Manganese, Magnesium and Zinc

*All compounds are combined with stabilized sugars to help increased nutrient uptake.

*Supplies the magnesium element which is constituent of chlorophyll and is required during photosynthesis.

*Promotes healthier turf while providing immediate color response with limited top growth and increased disease immunity.

*Formulated to be foliar applied and absorbed.