Root & Regulate 0-22-18

A specially designed potassium phosphite liquid fertilizer, created by combining an inorganic alkaline with pure H3PO3 crystal.  The end result is a 100% pure liquid phosphite fertilizer.  Using Root & Regulate 0-22-18 will maintain higher levels of P that regulate the activities of several enzymes within the cell walls, needed for normal development.  Also by maintaining the higher levels of potassium in the plant.  That will aid water movement in the cell walls and improve stomatal’s opening and closing for more efficient foliar sprays and respiration.

Positive Points

* needed for photosynthesis.

* needed for plant respiration.

* needed for energy storage and transfer.

* needed for increasing cell strength.

* needed for cell enlargement.

* needed for several other plant processes.

* involved in the transfer of plant energies within the cell walls