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Florida Gardening

Florida Vegetable Planting Guide

The basic EGPM life cycle of a plant.

    1. Emergence from seed.
    1. Growth stage.
    1. Production stage where buds, flowers and fruit/seed form.
    1. Maturation stage where fruits/seeds ripen.

Going organic doesn’t mean you have to give up your lawn. It means planting what will do well in your climate, watering deeply but infrequentl. Fazio Fertilizer will help you achieve a better lawn by feeding the soil and creating microbial action in the soil. That will in turn create stronger plants, that are more disease resistance and use less water. Ask for Fazio Fertilizer at your favorite store!

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. ”

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

“The maintenance of soil fertility is the real basis of health and resistance to disease” (An Agricultural Testament, 1940).

Sir Albert Howard, a British agricultural scientist

Fazio Fertilizer knows healthy soil is essential for growth because it builds the ecological foundation for healthy plants. Healthy soil produces stronger plants less stressed by variations in light, heat, nutrients, and water. Stronger plants are also better able to withstand the ravages of weeds, insects, and disease. This sets up a virtuous cycle—healthy soil leads to healthy plants—whereby any need for chemical solutions is theoretically eliminated. Be part of the solution and join Team Fazio Fertilizer!

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