Golf is a great game, and I have been fortunate to be associated with it for over 55 years.  I started my golf career mowing and spraying courses, and, in 1961, we built our first golf course. We hired a local contractor who taught me all about the importance of drainage, while my uncle, George Fazio, taught me about the importance of design.

Over the past several decades, we have designed and built many courses across the country and around the world. Over that span, the biggest change I have seen has been in the maintenance of these courses. Chemicals and fertilizers are being increasingly regulated as we learn more about their impacts on the environment. We need to be mindful of the damage these products can cause. We have to keep the environment clean and safe.

My son, Jimmy, was the one who suggested that we increase our focus on sustainability. “We need to think green” were his words. We decided that we could make the biggest impact by introducing our own branded line of liquid fertilizers. The low use rate and cutting-edge technology in these products make them the perfect fit as we continue to drive towards greener courses. While granular fertilizers are spread far and wide, precision liquid fertilizers allow for golf courses to apply only the nutrients that are needed at exactly the time they’re required. That reduces total fertilizer use to only what is needed by the turf, which is a more environmentally-friendly approach than with older fertilizer options.